Travel stats

30 Days for 30 Years has been a jam packed adventure to say the least. Take a look at a few interesting stats my sister has put together about my trip. I added the last one. 🙂

Number of days travelled – 366

Number of countries visited – 21

Number of air miles completed – 164,723km  (or 4.11 times around the world!)

Number of flights taken – 52

Number of airlines flown – 15

Number of transits through the UK – 12

Number of hits on this website – 139,030 (… and counting!)

Number of blogs written- 413

Number of videos created – 107

Number of photos taken – 9741

Number of primary schools slept in – 2

Number of deportations/refusal of entry into a country – 2

Number of movie/TV sets worked on – 3

Number of music videos appeared in wrapped in Glad Wrap – 1

Number of music tracks recorded and played on national radio – 1

Number of kilometres ridden around Taiwan – 1678

Number of lengthy bus rides with a random story attached – 13

Number of rescues from the US Coast Guard – 1

Number of days sleeping on a random strangers’ couch – 88

Number of haircuts – 4

Number of hospitalisations resulting in being attached to an IV drip – 2

Number of weddings attended  – 1

Number of times I named a baby – 1

Number of concerts attended – 3

Number of new friends on Facebook – 271

Number of “Likes” on 30 Days for 30 Years Facebook page – 189

Number of new followers on Twitter – 210

Number of Tweets – 321

Number of sets of Rosary beads gone through by my mother – 3

The number of times I regretted taking a leap of faith and starting this journey – 0 🙂


  1. Jemma Peucker says:

    Dad can take credit for calculating the air miles and flights!!

  2. Rhian says:

    Wow! What an amazing, amazing journey! You must be so glad to be home and so excited about the the book! Can’t wait to read it! 😀