The ghost

I woke up this morning exhausted. I barely drank any water last night and think I am becoming dehydrated. Tonight’s shoot was in three separate locations making it our most tricky night’s shooting yet. I had to light an old garage and spent about 30mins rigged up a light by standing on a bunch of old tyres only to find it was actually in shot and had to take it down again. Nice one Christie.

We had a really fun night tonight though. Everyone knows each other now so there was a lot of laughs. We also cruised through the takes until about 5am when we started having trouble with the car which has almost become another character in its own right. An old Volvo someone donated, it decided a working handbrake was no longer necessary for its basic functioning. This was somewhat problematic for poor Kai Kenneth who had to momentarily park the car on an incline and open a boom gate as part of a scene. The car kept rolling down the hill away from him with Amelia, Truls, Hilde and Maida in it!

While they were being entertained by the runaway car, Vibeke and I were down the hill trying to draw out a ghost which is apparently seen frequently roaming these parts. A neighbouring farmer told Vibeke while she was setting up the boom gate shot that he often sees the ghost of a woman carrying two pales of milk walking across his field towards the barn. So we sat taking video on our iPhones of the darkness outside the car and then playing it back in the hope we would catch a glimpse of her. Nothing. We have to come back again tomorrow night because of the car troubles so you never know!

A sneak peek:

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  1. Thone Hals says:

    Så spennende glimt, siden jeg kjenner manuset var dette kjempegøy å se! Gleder meg til det ferdige produktet!

  2. Thone Hals says:

    Sorry I did not write in English! I just wanted to say I loved your ‘sneak peek’. Maida is my daughter. I read the manus so i kind of knew what they did ‘talk’ about in the car. I do look forward to see the final movie! Love, Thone