First and foremost, to my parents for putting up with me for the past 30-plus years. I would still be talking about this had it not been for your willingness to let me freeload off you.

To my sister and brother, Jemma and Sam, for their ongoing and unwavering support of me and my journey. (And their financial contributions along the way. :))

To Renee, Damien, Poppy and Rox for the countless hours they put into building this website. I would never have started it if it wasn’t for you guys.

To Ray Ebel and the crew at Get Marketing for creating my logo when they could have been making real money elsewhere.

To Shirl and Dave for supporting me on all those Mount Lofty runs every Sunday morning.

To my old mate Dan for sorting out all my flights. Luckily we both speak fluent airport code otherwise we’d have spent triple the amount of hours working this crazy route out! P: +61 (0)8 7324 2656

To Megan Lloyd and the team at the Sunday Mail in Adelaide for allowing me to work with them on a short-term basis to realise this dream.

To Nigel Parson for his lovely photographs.

To Jordan and the Lululemon team in Adelaide for all their support and encouragement. And for the beautiful clothing they supplied me. It made me run faster for sure. Love & Luon!

To Lynton Pahl for introducing me to the likes of Mary Teague, Eric and Julian Burton. It was nice to have some company along the Great Wall, even if I couldn’t keep up with you all! 🙂

Marie and Ian Fitzpatrick for your insight into the Great Wall and its many challenges.

To the Keams – all I can say is “One more please!”

To the Crofts – Ally, Layton, Chaandmon and Sky. No words can express my gratitude.

To Philip McCluskey and Brigitte Eastwood for making sure I crossed that finish line in China.

To Tanya Vok for all her help with the Mongolia leg of my trip.

To Olga Bondarevscaia – We haven’t seen each other for eight years and it was like I saw you yesterday.

To James Burkett – There is a reason why I loved you. Generous to the core. x

To Alice Plate – For taking my calls and giving me a bed when you didn’t have time to take them and sleep in your own.

To Shaye Burgess for hooking a sister up when in need and to Hoff for finding me a bed on race day. 🙂

To James Brown, his wife Sarah, kids Dean and Shaye, and all the crew at Cygnet Bay Pearls. Wow, what a life you lead. My time with you has enriched my love of Australia and its land tenfold. Dorothea Mackellar was so right when she wrote My Country:

I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, 
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
 I love her far horizons,
 I love her jewel-sea, 
Her beauty and her terror -
 The wide brown land for me!


To Fleurise Luder for her timely advice about Israel and reminding me I needed to bring my A-game to a land seeking peace.

To Stefani Pearsall, my wingman and partner in crime through two fascinating and thought-provoking countries – Jordan and Israel. We certainly did “run the night”.

To Charlie Klug, a future President of the United States, for your history and political lessons. You are wise beyond your years. Except when it comes to Batman 🙂

To Dale Atkinson, my old uni chum. You might still owe me 40 nights of free accommodation but you are fast paying them off as the UK’s finest mail man. Mwah.

To Abel from Hotel St Roch, Lourdes, for feeding me when I was too poor to eat and for teaching compassion by example.

To Mildred and Matilda the crazy Qatari sisters. I was seeking enlightenment and you shone your candles in my direction.

To Hanneke (and Maud) and her 49 goats (especially little Wallis) for welcoming me to the world of cheese making and showing me a life outside the rat race. Visit:

To Boris and Ellen Heemskerk and their daughters Daniëlle, Julia and Simone, for sharing their home and love of cheese with me. Visit

To the Koopmans – Sjaak, Lia, Mieke, Bart, Dan and Manon (and your crazy extended family :)) – For your wonderful hospitality and Edam cheese. I will be back for the prutrace for sure!

To Anton Witte and his staff for teaching me how to make sheep cheese and confirming that poo cheese does in fact exist!

To Mette and Less. Thank you for reading my tarot cards and giving me hope that my book will one day be published. And for letting me hug little Moses as if he was my dog Bella. Almost as good as the original!

Veronica Eng and Willfred Morrison. Words will never be able to describe how very grateful I am to you Veronica. You took me in so graciously under the most trying of circumstances. I am indebted to you for life. Willfred that book about South Africa is coming to you as soon as I go home.

To Bianca Hall for connecting me with the two great people above.

Iselin Eng – For being every bit as wonderful as your sister and for introducing me to the best Norwegian brød ever!

To Leda Langberg and her partner Pål for their ongoing generosity in letting me frequent their spare room. It was so nice to spent time with a fellow Aussie who knew what I meant when I talked about “Heaven”. And for introducing me to elk, (even if it did have a bullet in it!)

To Maida Hals for the chance to be a part of her first short film even though I wasn’t a lighting technician.

To the Ylvis Brothers, Vegard and Børd, for allowing me to be in their music video, even if it did mean posing semi-naked and wrapped in cling wrap!

To Daniel and the wonderful crew and cast of Gutta på skauen. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

To the Danish and Norwegian Consulars to Mongolia for your kind words and reassurance when I got kicked out of Mongolia. It was nice to know someone had my back.

Vibeke Nygaard – Tusen Takk, Tusen Takk, Tusen Takk! You saved me that day after the Mongolia debacle. I will be forever grateful for your friendship.x

To Rosa, the French photographer, for ensuring I got on the right bus to Bayan Olgii and being my wingman on the bus. What an epic journey that was! NEVER again!

To Ospan and his family for welcoming me into your home. My time in Mongolia was enriched by the experience.

To Narbek for being a patient translator when you would have rather been drinking vodka.

To Mr Aralbai and his family for teaching me the wonder that is eagle training. I will never forget you.

Aigul – I wish you all the happiness and health in the world. May your days be free from climbing to the top of trees seeking phone reception 🙂

To Chris Thompson for his comfort brownies and wonderful double bed after a month roughing it in the Altai mountains.

To Danny Wolf, the most generous American in UB. You have a spot on my couch any time you ever need one!

To Larry and Krista Lain. We met on the side of a mountain in Mongolia and I was inspired by you both in an instant. Thank you for your random hook ups and kind words. The world certainly needs more people like you. I hope your growing family is all you have ever dreamed of. xox

To Sharon Dee for showing me around UB. 🙂

To Tuul Ulziibadrah for getting me safely out of UB!!!

To Ainslie O’Connor for the random hook-ups which led to Hannah Hunter and in turn Elisabeth Rasmussen, giving me a job in Malta and allowed me to work with some pretty spunky people. Heart.

Annette Holmedal – you have humility beyond your years. I can’t wait to show you around my home country. Takk!

To Gustav and “Fritz” for keeping me sane even when working 20-hour days.

Elise Røisland – Halla hva skjera?! You have a spirit that is infectious. I hope your life is always full of laughter and music. You rock at singing BTW!

Jan Frode Johannessen – You are a wonderful man (even if you do call me Frizzy!). I hope to work with you again one day.

Marius Hofstad. Why are you so handsome? Thank you for being one of my “real” friends on this trip. Welcome to the CW club xoxoxoxox

To Haddi Samba, her wonderful sister Fatou and best friend Chaima for giving me a bed to sleep on after a busy month in Malta.

To Baard Skogrand, Vigdis Vandvik, and their two son’s Amund and Olav for allowing me to temporarily enter their lives in Bergen.

To Angela Eliacin for taking me to Dolly’s Dixie Stampede and introducing me to the wonderful Larry Miller.

Larry (Laaarrrreeeee) Miller – Dolly Parton was wrong to pass you up. You are a true gem. Thank you for sharing your Dolly stories, giving me a bed, driving me around in your Cadillac, creating some wonderful photographs of my Dolly experience and introducing me to Ruth and Pat Corn. “Living like Dolly” wouldn’t have happened without you!

To Ruth Carr Miller – a woman in the know. Thanks for taking me the “back way” to Dolly’s. 🙂

To the delightful Pat Corn. THANK YOU for helping me realise one of my dreams – to record a Dolly track. I’m sorry the pitch wasn’t quite as good as what you are used to!

To Dan and Allison Podarkey (and Baxter and Sirius) – High Five Santas!!

To my Nashville hosts – Ryan Rose and Nathan Hamilton. Thanks a million.

To Clara Molina for her warm smile and introduction to one of the world’s greatest designers, Manuel 🙂

Ken, Nancy and Kelly Kral. It was so wonderful to spend some time with you once again. I would have been an orphan at Christmas if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for being so generous and opening up your home to me. Festivus, football, beer pong, Austin and It’s a Wonderful Life – memories I will cherish xox

Tim Roberts – For taking me along for the ride as you crossed the Deep South towards a new life. Next time we are stopping in New Orleans for sure 🙂

To Dallas’ social media marketing guru Neil Lemons for not only a patch of floor on two separate occasions but also your endless tips for improving my website traffic. And introducing me to possibly the best Texan barbecue… EVER! Many thanks!

To Berthany Poux. I know you think I’m nuts for doing this trip and while I can certainly “rough it” on my own, it’s nice to have friends that will take such good care of you in foreign countries. Thanks for hooking me up with a driver and letting me crash at your pad. x

To young Marco the B&B owner in Grecia, Costa Rica who so kindly looked after me and fed me rice and beans every morning for a month. Pura Vida! Visit

To Margie Davis – You are my inspiration! In 20 years time I hope I’m still living my best life like you. Happy Salsa-ing.

To Ofelia Arguello Castro and your wonderful children Carolina and Billy for introducing me to the best artists in Sarchi.

To William Monsalve senior and junior for allowing me to carve my ox cart in their workshop for free and giving me endless pointers.

To Luis Madrigal Aguilera, his wife and beautiful children Yislein, Sofia and Alonso. Thank you for giving me an insight into a world where human kindness is more important that any material possession. Luis it was an honour to be your student. God bless you each and every day.

To Ryan and Theresa Johnson in Seattle for kindly giving me a place to revive and some great conversation to boot. Ryan your oatmeal brought a little bit of normalcy at a crucial time.

To Mikle, Julie, Cindy and Jerry Lian the most generous of hosts. Wow! Thank you for showing me the ‘real’ Taiwan and sharing your culture with me. (And for helping me find a sailing jacket.) I hope you enjoyed the vegemite. x

To Jeanwen and Jack and their girls. I feel so privileged to have been your first couch surfing guest in Hsinchu. Thank you for buying me that super dooper rain jacket! I couldn’t have made it around Taiwan without it.

To Amelia Fan. I came to your home in Miaoli wet and miserable and you didn’t flinch when all I wanted to do was go to bed. You have a bed in Australia any time you want it. 🙂

Branch, Ray and little Clover – “Own only what you can carry with you; Know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.” The moment I saw this on your wall in your home I knew we were kindred spirits. Thank you for having a hot meal waiting for me that rainy night I arrived in Taichung. Happy travels. x

Der- Yun Lin and family – What an amazing couple of days we had together. I will never forget our epic journey home from the Lugang Lantern Festival. That queue was insane 🙂

Yanik Turgeon – Thank you for swearing in English. Sounds strange I know but after two weeks of no interaction with a westerner it was nice to hear someone say “mother f#@&*er!” Cheers!

Chien-Wen and her parents – thank you for your hospitality and introducing me to oyster omelettes and eel!

Hsiang-Ling – Thank you so very much for taking me to Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung, the one tourist destination I wanted to see in Taiwan. 🙂

Debby and Joy Hsu. Talk about a brilliant family. I was scheduled to stay with Debby in Pingtung but when her sister had to have an operation in Taipei, her mother agreed to host me. What a joy Joy was. We ate duck straight from the pond on her farm, washed my clothes using fruits and vinegar from the farm and had a jolly good time visiting schools in the southern most tip of Taiwan. Debby then hooked me up with her aunt and uncle in Taitung who were just as hospitable. THANK YOU!

To Brittany Bartlett for kindly redoing my hair after my unusual hairdressing experience in Taiwan. And to your generous client for paying for it! It’s amazing who you can meet over a hand of poker! I hope my $20 helped your friends’ water project in Africa.

To captain “Wild” Bill for letting me come onboard Reality, even if it was an ill-fated voyage!

Isaac and Jared Piche and Shane Keenom. Muchas Gracias! It certainly was an adventure. So many chats, discussions and arguments about the ways of the world. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I think we all learned something. Here’s cheers to banana chips and fluoride-free toothpaste 😉 No te ahogues en un vaso de agua xox.

To the two crews from the US Coast Guard, especially Tori on the end of the radio, for rescuing Reality in her hour of need.  You put your own lives in danger for us and I am forever grateful. God Bless.

To David and Sam, Pristina’s premier couch surfing hosts, for allowing me to come for a night but stay 23. This trip wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of people like you.

Rexhap – For making me smile each day in Kosovo.

Lady Tess and Viktor (the Czech spy) for countless hours of fun.

Mike Alonsi for being my incredibly handsome wingman while searching for hours for Fli. 😉

To Pete, the owner of Skopje’s Shanti Hostel for being such a wonderful host and hooking a sister up with a private room 😉 Visit

To Elizabeth Gowing and Robert Wilton for firstly being brave enough to start The Ideas Partnership and secondly for allowing me to be a part of it. I am inspired by both of you. Visit and check out Elizabeth’s book, Travels in the Land of Blood and Honey, about her experiences in Kosovo. (Available on Amazon I believe. :))

Aurelie Viard and her partner Michael König for their warm welcome to The Ideas Partnership and to Kosovo. Michael you can run a half marathon in under two hours!

To all The Ideas Partnership volunteers, in particular Diana, Roza and Fikret for your wonderful spirit.

Sabri Maloku – Sabri, dear Sabri. Chauffeur, translator, coffee buddy, rescuer, nurse, tour guide, med supplier, dance partner, fixer, friend. Falemnderit (with a cherry on top!) for saving me so, so, so, so many times. Remember no banana milkshake is complete without five strawberries. 😉

Cristina Baraganescu – for watching my bags in Skopje bus station in my hour of crisis and for randomly meeting that US couple who also came to my aid. x

Todd and Trish for welcoming me into your home in Belgrade at 12.30am and almost making me cry by offering me an ANZAC biscuit. Just what the doctor ordered 😉

To Julie Larking, Lyn Kooij, Aunty Di, Verity Stubbs, Donna Lewis and Catherine Sweeney, just to name a few, for your endless string of messages over the last 12 months. You always knew exactly what to say when I needed a pick me up.

To the best friends a girl could ever have – Shirley, Renee, Natalia, Kara, Honorata, Stacey and Julia (and their partners) – a thousand thank yous for all that you do. Xox.

And to everyone who had kindly donated to my trip thus far, including but not limited to Corinne and Greg Berry, Rob Harris, Daniele Moreschi, Barry Fagg and Karen Radford. You rock my world!