Santa Hustle

I was driving to my friend Roger’s house one time about four years ago when I drove past a pub. It wasn’t a particularly lavish pub and it was bucketing down with rain at the time but I remember doing a double take as I spotted about 50 santas huddled by the doorway enjoying a pint.

I had flashbacks of it this morning when I took part in the Santa Hustle with Dan and Allison.  It’s basically a fun run where people dress up like Santa and run either a half marathon or a 5km.

I was keen to test out my fitness on the half but I have to say I was mighty pleased that it had sold out by the time I registered a couple of days ago because OMG it was cold this morning!!

The temperature has really dropped here in the last few days and it was in the minuses when we fronted up for the 5km. My fingers were so cold they were literally stinging. We’re not in China anymore Toto! LOL.  Luckily my santa beard and hat gave me a little protection while we warmed up.

Boy it was nice being back pounding the pavement. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it.  5km came and went without too much effort and I wished they’d had a 10km. I think a half wound have been a stretch though, particularly when the ‘rehydration’ food along the way consisted of candied popcorn and cookies. I’m surprised they didn’t offer milk instead of water actually. It was a bunch of Santa Claus’ running after all!

Great fun! Check it out:

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