Coin Laundry Jam

Last night we were having a bit of a jam session on the boat – guitar, mandolin, harmonics etc (the guys have said they are going to buy me a tambourine so I can join in.)

At about 11pm Jared left the boat briefly to go to the toilet. When he came back he mentioned there was a guy playing the trombone in the laundry room of the marina we are dry docked at.

It immediately sparked my interest and that of Isaac, who used to play in a jazz/blues band in Vegas, so the three of us went down to chat to him.

He welcomed us right in and before long he and Isaac were jamming together in the coin laundry. Talk about a random. It’s experiences like this that make me realise just how unique this trip really is.

Also random, is the man’s name… John Wayne.

How many people can say they have jammed in a coin laundry with John Wayne? Not many I wouldn’t have thought. 🙂

Check it out:

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