The Happiness Risk

“How’s the book going?” It’s the question that seems to have defined me during the last 10 months. It’s the first question friends, family and acquaintances ask me when I bump into them on the street, answer the telephone or receive an email. Sometimes I wonder what they ever asked me before. “Yeah, really good thanks!” is the automated response. “How are you surviving?” That’s always the... Read More

30 Days of Fighting Cancer

Name: Adam Keam Occupation: Chief Financial Officer How we met: Adam and I went to school together. Well, kind of. He actually went to a different school but took a couple of subjects at my school so in our final year we ended up in the same English class. Prior to that I had known him only vaguely as the guy who dated Lisa a girl I worked with at McDonald’s and who would come through drive-thru every other day with a car load of friends and... Read More

30 Days of Building a Car

Name: Bart Koopman Occupation: Engineering Student Website:  How we met: Bart is the eldest son of Sjaak and Lia Koopman whose cheese farm I worked on in Holland as part of my 30 Days adventure.  I had a wonderful time with the Koopman’s talking, laughing and making loads of Edam cheese. While I was eating my weight in cheese, Bart had a project of his own going on. He was restoring a car from scratch and filming... Read More

30 Days Learning to Walk

Name: Teagan Glenane Occupation: Photographer W: How we met: Teags and I worked together at Fairfax in Melbourne. She was the cadet photographer in our newsroom and one of the most loved members of staff because of her willing to help others and do everything with a smile on her face. The media world can often be all-encompassing and what I admired about Teagan was that she always seemed to have really good perspective... Read More

30 Days of Directing a Short Film

Maida, left, with script editor Truls and production assistant Ada Name: Maida Hals Occupation: Videographer How we met: Maida gave me my first job in Norway. I was a lighting technician on her film. It was a rather strange decision on her part given I had zero experience in lighting but she was desperate. Her original choice had been injured just hours before shooting commenced and I got a call up. Maida and her colleagues were one of my first introductions... Read More

Hero – A Photo A Day

Day 11 – Miep Gies – that woman was a hero.  Read More

30 Days of Becoming an Uncle

Name: Dave Dellar Occupation: TV Producer How we met: In the immortal words of Britney Spears, “There’s only two types of people in the world. The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe.” David Joseph Dellar is certainly one of the former. Dave and I used to live together and despite him being a cool urban hipster and me being, well, anything but, we managed to bond over a mutual love of sitting on our balcony overlooking... Read More

Black and White – A Photo A Day

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Something You Do Most Weekends – A Photo A Day

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At Night – A Photo A Day

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