April – Mystery month

Pack for all occasions on the road less travelled.

If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything ~ Win Borden

The Plan: To let the masses help me decide. I want your ideas, inspirations and suggestions for what I should do for these 30 days.

I love random – doing things on a whim and being spontaneous and unpredictable. One time I woke up on a flight from New York to Frankfurt to find a guy sleeping on my shoulder. He turned out to be the bass player for the reggae singer Shaggy and I ended up flying to Dublin a few weeks later for a dinner date and a free concert ticket. Another time I met three guys in a milk bar in Berlin and ended up going to Auschwitz with them. In Prague, I went to a Mozart concert and a rave on the same night after sharing an apartment with a Dutch family of five and a couple from Devon. Planning can only take you so far. If everything you did was set in stone you would miss out on some of life’s greatest moments. I have no way of telling where life will take me by April or who I am likely to meet, so I will save this month for an opportunity that would be missed otherwise.

  1. Dale Peucker says:

    Go to Bora Bora or Italy or Greek Islands or Brazil or Egypt

  2. Jackie says:

    U could try to be the first to find santas workshop! Something different with a touch of xmas lol. Ur adventure is coming across amazing so far. Have the time of ur life and best wishes x

  3. Al says:

    Try gardening at Augusta National – the home of the US Masters

  4. Al says:

    Work at Apple in Cupertino California

  5. Kath Shaw says:

    Hey Christie
    Website is great, and your year away sounds awesome!
    Some suggestions for your mystery month ….. brazilia – learn capoeira (those teachers are absolute hotties!!:-)) and how to samba and throw in a bit of portuguese …… skills every young lady requires!!
    Or on an opposite path ….. mountain bike from Tibetan highlands into nepal, or volunteering teaching English in Nepal …. or you could always just go to India for a month and practise & learn to teach yoga (know is a bit eat, love, pray – but India is AMAZING).
    Or – you could go and teach english to the novice monks in Burma / Myanmar – without a doubt one of the most amazing countries I have ever been too.
    Other suggestion would be Africa ….. not sure what ….. but Zimbabwe is pretty amazing, and I saw this show on Madagascar the other day – never been – but it look UNREAL!!!!
    Safe travels young lady

  6. Karen says:

    Africa seems to be the only continent missing from your trip.. My friends Aunty and Uncle run a school in Zambia educating kids on the environment and conservation… “Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre is a fun, interactive and contemporary learning facility for Zambian children. It focuses its programmes on wildlife, the environment and conservation issues.” http://www.chipembele.org/ I’ve got in touch with them before when Steve and I were thinking of having a year in Africa. x

  7. Lynne Kooij says:

    What about Alaska and work with the sleigh dogs that do mail runs?
    I am curious as too what you will decide on?