The Concept

30 days for 30 years of my life. One year doing things I’ve always wanted to do but have been too busy in my first 30 years on earth to do. In affect, it’s a 12-month time out from my life starting on my birthday, changing tack every 30 days to see what the road less travelled has to offer.

The Journey

30 Days for 30 Years is a non-stop, fun-filled jaunt around the globe. Fabulous people, fabulous food, fabulous adventures. Well, in my head it is at least. Unfortunately I know the reality will be a little less rosy.

For an entire year, I will be travelling on 12 crazy whims, relying on my nous, or lack thereof, and the kindness of strangers. I have no support, no companions, and nowhere to stay at this point. And to make matters worse I have a limited budget – less than $1000 AUD a month – due to a perverse obstinance to make it too easy for myself.

This trip will be challenging, confronting, and at times, I’m sure, lonely. It will require a degree of fortitude even the most seasoned traveller would find hard to muster. But I am determined… and not adverse to living off tinned peas and carrots if required!

Welcome to my adventure – 30 Days for 30 Years.